Interesting Comparison Of The Conventional And Organic Grown Foods

Organic Grown FoodsIs organic produce really better? Do you think that organic foods are much better than the conventional? These are just some of the questions that are often asked whenever organic foods are talked about. While the market offers this kind of food, it cannot be denied that most people prefer to buy the commercial foods that they often see on televisions.  While you cannot blame the people who are patronizing the usual foods, especially those brands that are displayed in huge billboards, it is not right for one person to ignore what the organic foods can also offer.

To give you some useful information about the organic and the conventional produced foods, we have prepared the comparison of these two.

Let us take a look first at the conventional foods:

  • Plants need to be applied with the chemical fertilizers for their optimal growth
  • Synthetic pesticides play an essential role in the reduction of the pest and the disease that plants might encounter.
  • In order to manage weeds, one will need to make use of the synthetic herbicides
  • Animals are provided some antibiotics, medications, and growth hormones to combat diseases that could strike them and affect their health

On the other hand, the organically produced foods:

  • Plants are applied with the natural fertilizers such as animal’s waste, compost and manure, which are all free from any chemical
  • The pesticides that are applied in plants are made from natural ingredients
  • They use an environmental plant killing compounds that deal with weed problems
  • Animals are given organic feeds and are allowed to go outdoors and feed on grass.

After giving you some of the key comparisons of these two types of food, it is now up to you to make your final assessment.

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