How Your Partner Eats Could Influence Your Eating Habit Too

Eating HabitAccording to a recent study, if your dining partner overeats, you may, too be encouraged to do the same. This will not be pleasing to your ear, especially if you have been dieting for some time now and would want to achieve your desired weight. So, in case you have someone who lives with you under the same roof and overeats, then you will need to avoid eating with him, since he might influence you to do the same thing also.

Losing weight is one task that will surely challenge your patience and will put your determination to the hilt. Even if you ask the opinion of the people who have been successful in attaining their ideal weight, most of them will emphasize the difficulties that you might encounter along the way. They will remind you that success in getting your preferred weight is not done overnight because there are lots of things that will make this Eating Habit1task extremely difficult.

Back to the study above, a person who overeats has the tendency to influence the one who is eating side by side with him. According to the same report, if your partner loves eating and he usually spend extra time in the dining table, you too can be influenced by him and find yourself extending your eating time also. Even if you are not used in doing this thing, you are encouraged by your partner to eat more as you are swayed by his eating antics.

Based on the study that was performed by Dr. Rick Hoyle, a well known Duke University professor, the behavior of one person during his mealtime could be influenced as he tends to mimic the habit of the person who is eating in front of him. While this is something that is beyond your control, you need to pay attention in this matter if you do not want to lose track of your weight loss goal.

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