Control Your Emotions—Anger Can Make You Fat

Stop eating your anger! Do you know that eating when you are angry will make you fat? You might say that I am kidding but actually, I am just stating facts. When you are angry, you tend to leash out all the emotions that you have in the food that you eat. The foods seem to be the comfort zone for you, something that can give you the happiness you want. Some people think that this is just normal, but this can cause weight gain like you have never imagined before.

When you are angry, you wanted to eat more sweets. These foods are accounted for as the “comfort foods.” Why do we tend to eat comfort foods when we are angry? According to experts, these foods become our escape out of the real world we are dealing with. Chocolate bars and big packs full of chips are the foods that we eat when we are still young, the time when we do not have serious problems yet. These foods became our comfort now that we’re undergoing some troubles in life.

Expressing the emotions out is a good way to avoid from becoming an emotional eater. If you can be able take the emotions out instead of using the food as your escape is a great idea. But if you cannot do so, there are some other courses that you can try to lessen the probability of eating your anger.

  • Think before you eat. Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Usually, emotional eaters are not really hungry; they just thought they are.
  • Plan your eating habits. It will be best if you already know the time when you are supposed to eat, every four to five hours for instance, so you can avoid stress eating.

Anger can affect not only your emotional being but your physical being as well. Do not be a victim of emotional eating and start thinking now.

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